Those that were drawn to the light of aggression and ignorant division can return home

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

When Trump said that “he wasn’t a politician”, at the time I thought, finally.

Now, as Biden has become the President Elect, I am relieved there is a politician back in the White House!

I know very little about Joe Biden, so when I watched his winning speech I had no expectations either way. By the end I remembered what it was like to have someone who was rational, reasonable, congenial, and, dare I say it, professional.

The President of the United States has no doubt many duties to perform, but inspiring a nation to unify under a banner of togetherness is perhaps one of the most important. In one speech I felt the temperature drop, the stress dissipate, and the chaos put to rest.

The new normal of ridiculousness, dangerousness, and outlandishness were being replaced by calm and reconciliation.

The way Biden handled Trump in the first debate was impressive relative to Hilary Clinton and in particular Jeb Bush. He wasn’t setting the world on fire, but he looked like a man that would prevent Trump doing so.

I could not necessarily tell you why Biden won, but I could guess why Trump lost. Within Trump’s business empire he would have appeared as, well, an Emperor! If his tenure in public office is anything go by, then his team, or at least the ones that wished to keep their jobs, would had to have been equipped with sycophantic skills equal only to that of Trump’s narcissism. Of course Trump has enormous charisma and can be very funny at times, but he is essentially an arrogant bully – or at least his public persona portrays him as such. As many people that were magnetised were put off. His misogyny and racism are just two standout bahaviours he would regularly display, and they would have pushed his potential voters into the arms of Biden. This is not to say Biden would not have had passionate supporters and admirers of his own, it’s just Trump’s continually offensive remarks and actions undermined some of the quite astonishing things he did as President: one being pulling America out of its “endless wars.” Ironically, his peaceful actions betrayed his warring rhetoric. Yes, Trump made it in the first place because of how he is, but he need only to have contained his tendency to provoke and stoke and he might have been home and dry. The reality is that was always an impossibility and so Biden’s Triumph may always have been inevitable.

After 47 years that Biden has spent in politics I sincerely and optimistically hope that we can enjoy 4 years of wisdom, peace and harmony - until of course, Trump returns for redemption!

There will of course be people even more stirred up and aroused by Trumps defeat, and the real die-hards will wave their flags and shoot their guns to the very end. However, as time moves on so does emotion, and slowly but surely those that were drawn to the light of aggression and ignorant division may now return to their former selves and remember that we all live on this planet together.

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