Cracking Pavements

Why dig up the pavement twice in a short space of time? Could the two companies not have been arranged to follow each other? Why do the companies not replace the paving stones they damage sufficiently?

These are the questions I was posed while out and about amongst the Lifstan Way residents, where they are currently undergoing a media company digging up the pavement and blocking them in! To be fair the workers said they would move the fencing whenever they were requested, so they were as good as they could be.

I was specifically shown some of the paving stones that were not replaced and it did look as though the company might have done better. I must say when you look at the paths around the rest of Thorpe some areas are also looking pretty eclectic! It is one of those things that you don't really notice, but have a sense that the ambience is not quite right. The causes seem to range from digging up the roads to tree roots.

According to the SBC website, £3m will be set aside for road and pavement resurfacing projects, which will include road repairs, road resurfacing, pavement inspections and repairs, and repairing potholes. I am not entirely clear on how much is set aside for Thorpe.

On the plus side, for those that do not know, there is a fantastic app from Southend-On-Sea Borough Council, which allows you to report any of these problems direct. It's very quick and easy if you were so inclined!

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