The Labour Party was founded to represent workers in order to improve working conditions and their general quality of life.    Over the 120 years of its existence it has performed a monumental job in bringing about the changes that all of us benefit from but can never truly appreciate.   


Its purpose is to improve the lives of working people, which includes those that will be joining the workforce; those that have spent their lives working; those that have supported their family at work; those that cannot work - essentially almost all of us!

Labour was born from capitalism and only exists because of capitalism.  It is because the capitalists treated their workers so poorly that the Labour movement came to be.  A Labour Government ensures the proceeds are distributed so the worker’s wellbeing are looked after in all aspects of their lives.  Alternative Governments allow its workers to become homeless, destitute, poor, in poor health, and miserable; and allow those that own the means of production to siphon off ludicrous amounts profit for doing very little of the work. 


However, no Government can look after its people without first addressing how to generate the income (or tax) to pay for it.  Labour fully acknowledges and encourages business to grow to create the jobs that will pay for what we all want.  The difference with the Labour view of business to alternative political parties, is that the underlying purpose of business success is to create jobs to help everyone, not to make people rich beyond their means.    

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